Posts By: Amanda Papini

External Recruiting: An Insider’s POV

I have been in talent acquisition for almost ten years and have chosen to work in corporate recruiting. I often get asked the question, “When you can earn two to three times what you are earning now, why haven’t you gone out on your own and begun working with many companies instead of working within just one?” The answer is pretty simple. For positions within a services organization where talent is what we are selling to our customers, I just don’t believe in the external recruiting model.

Behavioral Interviewing: A Strategic Imperative

When networking with job-seekers, I hear that behavioral interviewing is common practice; thus, I was shocked to read this article on Business Insider: “Google Admits Its Crazy Interview Questions Were ‘A Complete Waste of Time.” I could not believe that a Fortune 100 company was still asking questions such as, “Why are manholes round?” I am unable to determine how someone can objectively answer this type of question. Behavioral interviewing is evidently a practice that is not as common as I had thought. If behavioral interviewing is not something your company is practicing now, it is should be put into practice as soon as possible.

Retaining Talent Through Alignment, Accountability, and Clarity

With the qualified talent pool shrinking across the globe, the pressure on businesses to retain talent grows. In hopes of retention, companies across most industries are accommodating for generation X and Y’s desires by building a flexible, fun, informal environment… Some companies, however, particularly start-ups, must be mindful of, and guard against allowing informality to result in a lack of accountability, misalignment, and ambiguity.