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Why Be Normal?

Is the middle of the road the best place for employees to be or the safest way for HR people to “deal” with them?

Integrating Millennials

A challenge for business today is integrating Millennials into a Baby Boomer culture. With 75 million Millennials entering the workplace, organizations have no choice but to learn how to recruit, grow and retain these workers.

Don’t Get Angry, Get Creative

While both genders are equally predisposed to experience the emotion of anger, women were able to move to problem-solving more quickly than their male counterparts.

Erasing Annoying Little Lines

Rooted deep in our society, roles are defined and societal expectations are enforced and these socio-cultural “lines” are much less tolerant of females than of males.

HR, Workforce Readiness and Organizational Glue

Workforce readiness means showing up. Not just literally showing up at 8 a.m., but showing up fully engaged in mind and in spirit. And it may be the glue that holds the organization together.

Overt Emotions and the Workplace

As women, we cannot afford to cry at work and as people we cannot afford to display any overt emotional reaction to workplace issues and incidents