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How to Really Connect with People

Think about it. You can spend all day working with people you have never met in person, and maybe never will. Change that. The future is now.

Accepting Feedback.The Right Way.

When managed properly, feedback can be an indispensable tool in helping employees become fully aligned – as individuals, professionals, teams, and overall organizations.

Dream Management

Companies willing to help their employees fulfill their dreams and goals can achieve remarkable results.

Failure is an Option

We all fail, it’s inevitable. How we recover distinguishes us from others.

Don’t Be a Jerkface

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from the business I support is this: Don’t be a jerkface.

Forget Passion. Just Do.

So now I’m asking you, the Women of HR community, “What do you do and why do you do it?”

It’s a Mad World of Mixed Messages

In the working world we’ve been handed a lot of mixed messages. As a woman, I’ve been on the receiving end of some of these messages – from both men and women. Have you?