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Stressed? Reset Your Mind

For every six minutes you experience a high state of negative stress it takes your immune system six hours to recover. That doesn’t stress you out – does it?!

The Perfect 10

The number one thing a working mother needs is flexibility. Children need it too.

Feeling Safe

Are women actually & inherently vulnerable? Why can’t we feel safe and secure in our own right?

The Trials and Tribulations of Motherhood

A mom’s job is never done. It’s tiring and sometimes just enough to drive you to the brink of a nervous breakdown and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Putting An End to Crazy Hours

Employees who work crazy hours aren’t necessarily more productive. There is no advantage to working long hours and it may often be bad for their physical and mental health.

I Am Done Being Busy

We want to be in control of the minutes and hours that make up our lives — do we not? I am done being busy.

You’re Sick? Really?

Employers need to be allowed to determine what works best for their work environment, organization and industry when it comes to crafting paid leave policies and flexible work arrangements realizing that there are some widely differing views of what that means.

Do You Travel and Love It?

Travel is part of my work. Over the years, I have conquered my fear of flying and discovered things along the way that help me with the travel aspect of my job.