Improving Business Processes to Enhance Safety

Every business out there, whether it is big or small, can do something to improve processes to avoid accidents at work; there is not a single perfect business out there, but that does not mean you don’t have to try and make it perfect. As someone who works in Human Resources, you should be finding ways to improve your businesses processes to make sure you are avoiding any potential issues.

The first thing you are going to need to do is take a step back and have a look at how everything seems to be working within the business. You cannot say that everything is working perfectly because there will usually be something to improve. Assess every aspect of the business! Here are some tips on how to improve business processes.

Ask the staff

There is no one better to ask and engage than the staff; they are the people who are working with the processes every day, so find out their views on how the processes are working. If they find something dangerous at work, then it is something you should be examining further! You should find out whether they have any suggestions on how to improve certain things. Take into consideration the views of the staff and remember that the happier they are, the more productive they will be!

Automating processes

If you notice a certain aspect of the business that is not performing as it should and it could be a potential hazard to your staff, then you need to think about whether it is a process that could be automated. Automating processes in the workplace has a number of benefits, including increased efficiency and reduced hazards.


e Rules Clear!

Making rules and improving processes around the workplace is great, but these rules are no use if none of the members of staff are aware. Make sure everyone in the building is aware of all health and safety rules; there are a number of ways you can do this, for example, place signs on the walls and on equipment to clearly state what to do and what not to do, you can put together a staff handbook explaining all rules or you can gather all members of staff to make sure everything is understood.

Examine Previous Records

Take a look at previous work-related accident records and find out whether anything has been altered to ensure these accidents will not happen again. If nothing has been done, then it is essential that you make changes to guarantee safety for all staff in the workplace! Work-related accidents are not uncommon, according to HSE, around 591,000 workers in the UK have had an accident at work in 2011/12, so any change you can make will really make a difference.

Working in the field of HR does require a lot of responsibility because you are in charge of the safety of the staff; you do not want to be responsible for any accidents at work because this could result in a stressful legal case. I have advised many businesses on how to improve their business processes to ensure safety in the workplace and simply asking the staff what they think can really help. The most important thing you can do is take a step back and assess the processes.

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About the Author: Ericka Bergenson is a business coach who advises many business owners on how to improve their businesses.


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