Is “She” Really a “BITCH” in the Workplace?


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About the Author: Donna Rogers, SPHR aka @HRWarrior. Donna is a full time Instructor at University of Illinois at Springfield, owner of Rogers HR Consulting and the immediate past Director of the Illinois State Council of SHRM. She has over 20 years in the HR field and currently teaches Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, and Strategic HR Management. She practices what she teaches for almost 100 clients in the central Illinois area.

About the Author

Donna Rogers, SPHR

Donna Rogers is an instructor of management at UIS and owner of Rogers HR Consulting. She has a Masters in Human Resources Development from UIUC, a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from ISU and two associates’ degrees. She has maintained a senior HR certification since 2001. She regularly delivers numerous presentations among professional at meetings, seminars, and conferences nationwide. She humbly volunteers as the UIS SHRM Student Chapter Co-Advisor and is a former SHRM MAC Representative and ILSHRM Past Director. She is on Twitter as @HRWarrior


Vonne F.

I really like this post. I needed to read this. I am not in HR but this was still very helpful to me, as I am often getting called a bitch for being blunt, having expectations and respect for myself. Thank you for the post.


It takes testosterone to separate one’s self from others. Please read up on the royal “we” among other deceptive systems of marginalizing.

Kimberly Patterson

Great read Donna and you’re spot on. I hate to say it but I’m on the exact same page as you and while I know I’ve had my moments to be assertive and speak out, it was surely perceived as bitchy.

At the same time, I’ve had unpleasant experiences with female managers and am one of those women who prefers having a man for a manager vs a woman. I’m not sure what that means for me. Am I a hypocrite — that it’s okay for me to be a balanced bitch but not okay for a woman that I would work for?

Great post to get me thinking!


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