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Embracing the Commute

As a commuter, I embraced my commute in an optimistic fashion. Now, I am starting to enjoy the benefits of being closer to home.

What Matters to You?

You are with the people you work with more each day than anyone else including family and friends. Do you know what’s important to them?

Putting An End to Crazy Hours

Employees who work crazy hours aren’t necessarily more productive. There is no advantage to working long hours and it may often be bad for their physical and mental health.

I Am Done Being Busy

We want to be in control of the minutes and hours that make up our lives — do we not? I am done being busy.

One Hundred Years From Now

As both an advocate and recovering addict of the social media space, I know all too well how much time can be spent and the cost it can carry. Embrace time off. Spend some with the ones you love.

Working Vacations

One truth for moms who work at home – or moms in general – is that we have jobs that we can take anywhere. I have a job I take with me everywhere I go, yet I can make a conscious decision to uncouple myself from my work. So can you.