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CEO for a Day: It's Not About Pleasing Everyone

Women of HR were asked, “If you were CEO for a day, what would (or did) you focus on to improve an organization’s productivity, employee engagement or ability to recruit?” This is the sixth post in the series of responses.

I’ve been pondering on this subject for some time. I have thought of some of the usual answers that we HR professionals might have, “Heh heh, CEO for a day! Let me get out my list, and let’s start making some personnel changes!!!” “Policies, job descriptions, performance reviews – everyone. NOW!”

But are those ‘evil’ HR thoughts realistic? No. Rarely, does the CEO please everyone, and sometimes must make hard decisions and take risks based on a broad spectrum of knowledge. So, if I were CEO for a day, this would be my immediate plan.

Four Myths of Self-Employment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself? Before self-employment becomes a viable option, be sure you’re not buying into any of the myths out there that may lead you astray. As a self-employed home-based business owner since 1995, I’m here to debunk those myths and further help you determine if you should hang out your shingle. Trust me, it’s not for everyone.

360 Degree Character Building

Building character is hard work. We have varying degrees and speeds of character building based on our life experiences and events. What expectations have you set for yourself to build character?

Mars and Venus on Risk

Being successful in business often requires one to take risk. Without risk, decisions are not made, deals don’t get done, and business comes to a grinding halt. Are women risk averse and does that impact their ability to succeed in business?