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If we had a crystal ball, life would be grand. But, because we don’t, we often find ourselves at the mercy of hindsight. Hindsight being 20/20, what is one setback you faced in your career that ended up being a blessing in disguise?

Sometimes life delivers you the perfect storm. It arrives silently. And then, all of a sudden. Somebody might have yelled “duck” but I probably looked up and said “where?”

Experiencing a career setback is no fun. It is even less fun when the setback occurs publicly. And don’t all career setbacks occur publicly, epically and in biblical proportions? One can never exaggerate them too much. Ever.

My Woman Of HR

My wife is a hotshot and I’m proud of her success. Reaching the pinnacle of her profession was not easy and I thought her story might appeal to the Women of HR community.

Mars and Venus on Risk

Being successful in business often requires one to take risk. Without risk, decisions are not made, deals don’t get done, and business comes to a grinding halt. Are women risk averse and does that impact their ability to succeed in business?

Weeds in My Garden

It is mid-summer and weeds have overtaken my garden. Clutter has sprouted up in all of the rooms of my home. It is natural and in this I find peace. Would you?