What Leadership Lessons Can We Learn From Successful Woman?

Women have become a more and more powerful voice in a world that has grown economically unstable. Whether it is a job recession, or an incredible debt the nation happens to be in, women of high caliber have put together strong messages teaching various values of leadership and communication in the year 2013.  With the passing of difficult times and hardship, their voice and opinion has become a glimmer of hope in a time where people are searching for something to believe in.  With messages of discipline and motivation, it’s an essential message that is needed during these hard times.  A few of the most notable leadership lessons are:

Determination is everything

Determination is the difference between a goal completed or let go.  If you set your mind to something and really push yourself, anything is achievable.  Determination and believing in yourself are key factors in pushing yourself toward a completed goal.


In a world splattered with disappointment at every curve, you can’t afford to be afraid.  You need to have the strength to speak up and voice your opinion.  You need to have the strength to believe you can accomplish your goals, because without strength there is no motivation.

Don’t be afraid to generate new ideas

New ideas are what cause the world to change and develop.  By thinking up and suggesting new ideas, you offer the chance to  develop something great.  With the proper consideration and motivation behind an idea, it can lead to a beautiful change in something that is just waiting for an idea to change it.


Having the proper discipline to take on an objective and goal and stay focused is a key to completing any objective.  With the proper discipline and value you can ensure you put maximum effort toward a set goal and not let things and obstacles get in the way of completing that goal.

 Strategy is the path to completing a goal

With a proper strategy you will have the key components to follow through should x, y, or z happen.  If you prepare for the worst, the easy times will be a breeze.  And should difficult times come you will have prepared for them properly and have a plan of action to put in motion.You can’t expect everything to simply work its self out, that kind of hopeful thinking leads to problems and inefficient strategy.


If you take on a task but don’t assume proper responsibility for it, there is no accountability.  Caring is a key motivator behind assuming responsibly; with dignity comes honor, and by taking responsibility for a given task or project it provides the opportunity to gain both.  Responsibility can give an overall feel of pride in accomplishing something.

Proper delegation to the right people

An important factor in task management is the delegation of a particular task or need to qualified individuals.  By effectively assessing people’s skills and abilities you, can assign them to tasks that make sense and grant them the opportunity to contribute the best they have to offer.  Proper delegation leads to an effective project being completed efficiently and in the best time frame.


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