A Recruiter By Any Other Name

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

 Albert Einstein –

A few clicks through your connections on LinkedIn should bring up some recruiters. After all, we are the most popular profession to utilize this social media platform.

A quick glance at the titles of these connections and you will discover that you are not in Kansas any longer.

Talent Acquisition Specialist. Staffing Consultant. IT Recruiter. Or my personal favorite, Rainmaker. Do you really shake someone’s hand, give them your business card and say, “Hi, I’m a Rainmaker?”

When did we stop being recruiters? Job titles will always be an important part of human resources.  The title should go hand-in-hand with the responsibilities, direct-reports and pay of the position.

Why is simply being a recruiter no longer enough to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the crowd?

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Emily White

Emily White blogs about HR and on her personal blog at HR Wildwood and is the promotions manager at Just B Yoga . Emily loves talking to people and spends her free time at local events, yoga, visiting friends and family and experimenting in the kitchen. You can follow Emily on Twitter as @emilywhiteMI.


Kimberly Roden

Thanks for putting this out there Emily! Love this post.

It’s been said that simple is best — a classic. When we have to start deciphering what EXACTLY does a Rainmaker does, then we should know that we’re not dealing with people, we’re dealing with egos. It’s time to get back to basics and stop overdosing others with self-adulation. It’s a huge turn off. For me, it means they’re too full of themselves to focus on much of anything else. Maybe I’m old school but I can’t get past it.

Recruiting is a critical need in all environments and I respect those who possess the talent to do it well.


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