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Women of HR’s Lilith Fair

It is incredibly cool to have a space where women (and men) celebrate our profession in a collaborative fashion, without it being all gooey.

That isn’t to say that women have experienced challenges in our profession, in fact we dominate the profession, but it is to say that we are at the stage where we can now influence our profession by celebrating who we really are. It is no longer about towing the company line. It is no longer about crafting a dated message. It is about putting a human touch on human resources.

Chivalry in the Workplace

I’m beginning to get a little nervous for my husband’s generation of men. It is scary to think that his generation is the last of those men who were brought up to behave in a chivalrous manner. I like chivalry. It is polite and helpful.

It’s About Fairness

Ensuring you are being fair to everyone in the workplace takes on new meaning when children enter into the picture.

Inmaps, Rudders and Women of HR

I’m sure by now many of you have had your connections mapped using the Inmap app on LinkedIn. Over the past week or so I’ve been watching friends do this and post the results.

Women of HR’s Lilith Fair

Sarah McLachlan figured out that if we stopped making the music business competitive, instead collaborative, there would be far more female musicians out there would have their shot at real success. If we all continue to collaborate, won’t the same thing happen with us too?

Free To Be You and Me

The Free to Be movement has had a profound impact on the workforce. Free to Be kids have broken stereotypes, pursued new career paths, and have raised our children in an environment that is far more diverse and tolerant than in the past.