Posts By: Diane Prince Johnston

Embracing the Commute

As a commuter, I embraced my commute in an optimistic fashion. Now, I am starting to enjoy the benefits of being closer to home.


If we had a crystal ball, life would be grand. But, because we don’t, we often find ourselves at the mercy of hindsight. Hindsight being 20/20, what is one setback you faced in your career that ended up being a blessing in disguise?

One of the characteristics of an entrepreneur is that we like to launch. Start up is in our blood and takes discipline to pass up bigger and better ideas and opportunities in favor of sticking with the plan that works. Painful experience has taught me the importance of avoiding the lure of under calculated risks.

Raising The Next Workforce

I believe that kids should do their own school projects, I believe that 12-year-olds can trick or treat without their parents and I believe that we all lose sometimes. Do you?

Summer Resolutions For Work and Play

Summer vacation is here and I toggle between happy nostalgia and the feeling of being pulled. I found that by typing up three concrete actions and publishing them on the Internet, I have been able to honor these commitments to myself. What works for you?