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{Random Encounters} Fate, Preparation or Luck?

We all have random encounters and some impact us more than others. Inspired by Kristin Kaufman’s book, Is This Seat Taken?, Women of HR share encounters that impacted them.

Leadership Agility and the Presidential Candidates

This month I attended a presentation conducted by Bill Joiner, co-author of Leadership Agility. Joiner conducted a five-year research project in which he interviewed over 500 leaders about leadership. According to Joiner, leaders define agile leadership as “flexibility with purpose” and report what agile leaders do differently when confronted with a challenge – they focus, step back, gain a deeper, broader view, reengage and take action.

How do you see our presidential candidates matching up?

Don’t Put Up With Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying, just like childhood bullying, is when individuals or groups intentionally humiliate another person. At school, the victim is another student. At work, it is another employee. In 2012, the Workplace Bullying Institute conducted a survey about the prevalence of bullying in the workplace: 58 percent of respondents reported being bullied currently.

The benefits of addressing workplace bullying include improved staff satisfaction and retention, enhanced reputation for the organization, increased productivity and reduced liability exposure and risk management. Why put up with workplace bullying?

Stop and Breathe

When my younger daughter went away to school this year, and my husband and I were “empty nesters” for the first time in over twenty years, I decided that I wanted to take up quilting.I have been swamped with work lately and quilting in my spare time has been a joy and a needed distraction. What do you do to stop thinking and just be?

Common Sense Interviewing

As the former Manager of Staffing for a Fortune 500 company and a career coach, I have counseled thousands of people about how to ace a job interview. Here’s my advice for preparing for the interview and for responding to typical interview questions.

What I Know For Sure

Oprah Winfrey has a regular column, What I Know For Sure. What do you know for sure?

Integrating Millennials

A challenge for business today is integrating Millennials into a Baby Boomer culture. With 75 million Millennials entering the workplace, organizations have no choice but to learn how to recruit, grow and retain these workers.