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Do Recruiters Still Care About the Relationship?

Back in the day, while working at my first job out of school, I became bored. Shocker for a young person, right? I made the decision that since I had one year of real life working under my belt, it was time to move on and change jobs. I was scouring the Sunday Classified Ads […]

Tattoos and Discrimination

I’ve noticed several articles floating around about how jobseekers with visible tattoos shouldn’t be discriminated against when it comes to hiring. One article I read said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be expanded so that inked individuals are protected from workplace discrimination. Huh? We inherit our race, gender and national origin at birth and […]

ACA or bust?

  As the Affordable Care Act continues to unfold, we may also see it flop if enrollment numbers don’t change. Based on research performed by HHS (Health and Human Services), many uninsured Americans were young people.  With that knowledge, Kathleen Sebelius, the HHS Secretary, assured insurance carriers that they would have at least a 40% […]

$&#% Loyalty

[Editor’s Note: Many of our Women of HR writers also maintain their own blogs.  Please enjoy this post from Kimberly Patterson, originally posted on Unconventional HR.]   When I hear folks speak about how proud they are to be a loyal employee I want to cringe.  Be loyal to yourself, your partner, close friends, family […]

CVS to employees: “Get on the scale or pay.”

By now you’ve probably heard about CVS pharmacy asking its employees to have their doctor complete a voluntary health screening (Health Risk Assessment) by May 2014 or they’ll be required to pay an additional $50 a month for their group health insurance. Of course many sources have blown this up by saying that CVS wants to get their hot little hands on employees’ health information so they can start firing unhealthy people.

This is an excellent example of how much the media doesn’t know about group healthcare.

Skip the Clichés in Your Job Search

It’s common sense (well it should be anyway!) that job seekers shouldn’t bad mouth former employers on a job interview. However, when you’re looking for a new job, there’s always a good reason for it and you should be honest — in a professional way. Unless the person interviewing you has just fallen off of a turnip truck or is on their first day of the job, they’ll want to know more. It’s best if it comes from you rather than having the interviewer make an incorrect assumption about you or your work.

Life After Hurricane Sandy

I live in a small commercial fishing town at the beach. When Hurricane Sandy was gearing up and making news, we heard, “this town hasn’t been breached since 1962, everything will be fine.” Folks weren’t panicked since Irene mandated an evacuation and not one light bulb flickered. These families’ incomes are on the water so their lives are driven by the weather.

But Sandy. Well she was on a mission to tell her own story.

CEO for a Day: Unconventional HR

Women of HR were asked, “If you were CEO for a day, what would (or did) you focus on to improve an organization’s productivity, employee engagement or ability to recruit?” This is the second post in the series of responses.

If I had the opportunity to be the CEO for a day, I’d tell the entire organization to forget everything they know, have experienced or have been told about Human Resources. We’re going to focus on one thing — making work better! Making the employment experience what it’s supposed to be: mutually beneficial.

My Money Is On the Stripper

Have you heard the story about the gal who was fired from her full-time job as a reporter because she didn’t disclose to her employer that she was a part-time exotic dancer, er stripper? She’s filed a complaint with the EEOC and is suing her former employer for gender discrimination.

Do employers have a right to a life outside of work?

Do You Control Your Change?

We see change everywhere. We have experts on change management and we tell leaders and employees to embrace change. It’s BS. Yes, it really is. Not that change doesn’t build character – it certainly does! But it’s easy to be passionate about the value of change when it’s our idea, our choice.