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Control Your Environment to HR Maximize Outcomes

Do you control your environment or do you let it control you? HR is not a known science; there is gray in what we do. So often our decisions are based on interpretation and judgment. Fear creeps in and we question if our decisions are sound. In the end, you are measured by maximizing critical decision making skills, project management skills and ultimately the success of winning or achieving your given goal. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you work through challenging business situations.

Making Exceptions. Enough is Enough Already!

We make decisions every day, but just because you make decisions it does not necessarily mean that you are good at making them, that you should act upon the decisions you them or that you should even be one making the decision. Decisions are either instinctive or require a more in-depth analysis and make sure you know the difference.

Ultimately, decisions are the choices you make. Do you do what is right when no one is looking? Would you be comfortable with someone questioning the veracity of your decisions.

Can you live with the exceptions you make in your personal and professional lives?

Clean Up Your Digital Dirt

Background checks are the norm these days. Here is some information that explains the how and why of this job application process.


If we had a crystal ball, life would be grand. But, because we don’t, we often find ourselves at the mercy of hindsight. Hindsight being 20/20, what is one setback you faced in your career that ended up being a blessing in disguise?

A long time ago, my father told me it was important to collect life experiences. It was not only important to collect them but to cherish and to learn and grow from them. Let me add . . . to heal from them.

As you journey through life, you collect personal and professional experiences. If you had asked me a couple years ago, I would have told you to let someone else collect them. I was done. I had had enough. Today if you ask me, I will tell you I am glad I did not.

HR, Workforce Readiness and Organizational Glue

Workforce readiness means showing up. Not just literally showing up at 8 a.m., but showing up fully engaged in mind and in spirit. And it may be the glue that holds the organization together.

There Is Nothing Human in Human Resources

Every day, Human Resources professionals go to work and deal with issues involving human beings. What separates the great from the good is emotional and social intelligence.