Posts By: Sophie Lemieux

At Work, Do You Often Stop To Think?

I’ve been watching the TV series Mad Men lately and it’s gotten me thinking about how many of our work habits have changed over time. We laugh when we see the characters taking a drink in their office, or smoking a cigarette while working. These sorts of behaviors are just not acceptable in any way, anymore. Drinking alcohol at work would probably get you fired and smoking in the office is illegal!! But in that TV show, you might also see them taking a nap during the day on their beautiful office couch, or just sitting down on a comfortable chair beside their desk doing nothing. These behaviors would also probably be unacceptable in most work places today.

The Power of a Network

In competition for jobs today, it makes a difference if you are recommended or referred by someone the company already trusts. You can get your dream job because of your network – because you are connected with someone the company already trusts.

Read that again. That is powerful! Never, never neglect your network because you never know when it will have such a powerful impact on your life.

HR Should Always Report to the President

I am a true believer that HR should always report to the President or the most senior level in the company and I will work hard to make sure that this is where I report. It comes down to people, access, money and action.

Exchanging Sleep for Personal Time

I am a part-time HR professional struggling with the decision to move to full-time. How much sleep does a girl need anyway?

Putting An End to Crazy Hours

Employees who work crazy hours aren’t necessarily more productive. There is no advantage to working long hours and it may often be bad for their physical and mental health.

Life Out Of Balance

In work/life balance, the balance can tip over any time with the life challenges we face every day. It’s an ongoing challenge and it’s in every part of our lives.