Do You Travel and Love It?

If you are reading this post, was it the words “love” and “travel” that caught your attention?  Those two words catch mine, as I am always looking for ways to love it more, and reduce the hassle that comes along with the process.

When we travel for our work we need to find a way to appreciate things about travel or our work, identify what we don’t love (being away from family, the stress of cutting things too close, fear of flying, etc.), look to change what we can, and let go of things out of our control (like the weather.)

So, if travel is part of your work, let me share that this white knuckle flier does not like to be away from family either. I have conquered my fear of flying and discovered things along the way that help me with the travel aspect of my job. I hope that this helps all the travel girls out there too.

  1. Reduce stress. Schedule your flight times to allow you plenty of time to get to the gate. Expect delays and bring things to do. If I have a conference call scheduled that will cut into my drive time, I arrive at the airport early enough to make the call. I often arrive the night before a big meeting. I travel safely, stay in safe places, and do not compromise my safety.
  2. Connect with friends and family. Instead of a hotel, or in addition to the hotel, can you stay with or see friends or family before or after the meeting? By arriving the night before, or staying the night after the meeting,  I plan to see friends or family when I can and am joyful when I return home.
  3. Make friends with others. Get to know the staff of hotels you frequent, or, if you are a first time guest, get to know the Concierge or front desk staff. They love to please their guests and will address any need you have while you are away from home, e.g., where is the best home cooking, what is a safe walk or where is the nearest ice machine?
  4. Communicate with home. Communicate with family and friends on Facebook, or via email, iPhone or Blackberry.  Send pictures and updates of where you are and what you are doing  and it can be just like being there. One summer I was a pen pal to my son (he did not know it was me) and I would ask all kinds of questions. He would write me back and do the same. I felt like I did not miss a thing.
  5. Stay Healthy. Change airplane seats when possible. I travel with a scarf to cover my mouth if I get stuck. I bring a really good travel pillow (not the blow up kind) to be certain I can sleep. I wash my hands when I get on the plane, before I get off and every time it occurs to me. I try not to shake hands when everyone is sick. I eat more soups, salads, and sandwiches than fried food, red meats and desserts.  Bring a few loved snacks with you. Almonds, raisins, and granola are some of my favorites.

Above all, find a way to relax. Even if it is only for 5 minutes – take a deep breath and relax.

So, what do you do to make travel easier?

Note: I recommend TravelGirl Magazine for other great tips.

About the Author

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown is a Senior Sales Executive in Analytics, Software and Services . The majority of her career has been spent managing people and teams in software and services provided to the HR industry. Debbie enjoys sharing leadership best practices and as an avid reader is always happy to share great book recommendations. You can connect with Debbie on Twitter as @DebbieJBrown.


Rolet online

That is a really very good go through for me, Should admit that you just are one particular of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative write-up.

Debbie Brown

Great Suggestions China! I am taking note! ps you may want to pick up an ipad and obtain the kindle app – you then have one less power cord and all the books move over 🙂 . That is what I did, and, now that my firm has Outlook available on the ipad, I no longer travel with a laptop- one device most of the time- ! Also, there is a new tempurpedic travel pillow at brookstone- the genius travel store if you ever want to mix up your pillow routine.

China Gorman

Loved this post! Unlike lots of peopke, I love to travel for my job. And if my job doesn’t require at least 30% travel, I’m not as satisfied as I could be. My view is that at the end of every plane ride are one or more of the following;
+ customers
+ colleagues
+ prospects
+ potential colleagues
+ usually a friend or two from the previous categories
So I’m good with all of that. And actually look forward to getting there — wherever it is.

But it’s true that this type of “commute” has lots of added hassles these days. Here’s what I do: I always totally unpack when I get to my room. First thing. Before I do anything else. I get my “cosmeteticals” lined up and organized in the bathroom, I bring a card from my husband and put it on the night stand (he’s always sending me cards. I’m soooo lucky.), I set up the power cords for my computer, kindle, phone so that they’re handy, I try out the hair dryer to make sure it works and I’m not in a panic in the morning if it doesn’t, I hang up my clothes in the closet, I make sure the pillows are great (and call housekeeping if they aren’t). In other words, my routine makes the physical surroundings more comfortable and make me feel like the room is really mine. That all takes about 10 minutes. Then I’m good to go. And I do that even if I’m only in that room one night.

Damon Klotz

But Debbie have you checked the news recently? We beat the All Blacks about two weeks ago with a conversion after the final whistle!

Was a joyous moment to say the least!


Damon AU wow- awesome. definitely on my list ! Some of my favorite colleagues have been and remain Aussies. Great friends to be around and wonderful to learn so many things from. (if only they could beat the All Blacks!). Cheers!

Damon Klotz - The HRockstar

Great post Debbie.

I’m currently based away from home up in sunny North Queensland, Australia aka The Whitsundays.

What I love about traveling for work is it forces me to think and look outside both my physical and psychological comfort zones. Meeting and networking with new people. The change of scenery is not only great for my travel bug (write my first name backwards and you’ll understand why) but it makes me appreciate what I love about my home town.

And don’t even get me started about the buzz of airports. People talking on their phones too loud sharing company secrets, dreaming up stories of who is going where and why, trying to be as smooth as George Clooney in Up In The Air and personally being The HRockstar my favourite past time is elaborate dressing to pretend I actually am a famous rockstar. I had a little old lady ask if I was a famous musician because of my fingers… it was an odd connection but a connection nevertheless.

I could write forever about this but I’ll stop now. Great Post!

PS: I agree, fresh sheets are amazing.

Debbie Brown

fresh sheets! I never thought of that- you are right!- thanks Andrea!

Peter- you love it too! good for you!

Andrea Ballard

I lvoe traveling for work! Fresh clean sheets that I didn’t have to launder, great meals I didn’t have to cook, and a guaranteed night of solid sleep without any middle of the night “Mommy!” cries! Of course all of that wears off quickly and I miss my family after a few days.

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