Federal HR: Meet Lisa Rosendahl

A good day to you Women of HR readers! We are back with our on-going series of Women of HR interviews. We've spoken to a very diverse group of women who all make notable contributions to this great community of ours. Trust me, you want to hear what these women have to say. I learn something new each time!

Now, we have a very special interview for you this week on Federal HR and who best to talk about it than our very own loved and respected Editor of the Women of HR site herself: Lisa Rosendahl!!

(Pauses for the voluminous round of applause and cheers)

Morning Lisa! Let’s start off with a little about what you do.

Here's the official spin: I am currently the Director of Human Resources for the St. Cloud VA Health Care System. I lead a department of 16 staff members providing HR services for over 1500 employees at the main facility and 3 community based outpatient clinics. I served over 9 years as an officer in the US Army and transitioned to a human resources/organizational development position in a paper mill and then to a privately owned manufacturing company as their first HR professional. I have had wonderful opportunities to learn HR from the ground up.

I also hear you can out shoot a lot of men. Super cool. And probably a fact that helps in Union negotiations. But never mind me, Can you finish the following thoughts for me?

My best advice… is for you to do what causes you angst. I am quick to say no when something stretches me beyond my comfort zone yet have learned the most from the times I said yes.

People… like to know that their leaders see them, k

now them and recognize what they do.

What if… everyone acknowledged the contributions of one colleague today?

Leaders…  have the best, and toughest, jobs in the world.

I lose it when… people lie to me or take advantage of my good nature.

Every HR professional… needs to hug their CFO today.

I challenge… everyone who reads this interview (yes, this means you!) to send me a draft post for Women of HR. Too daunting? Ok, send me an idea and a few bullets and I guarantee you that, together, we will get a post up under your name you’ll be proud of.

Awesome stuff, and I especially like that last answer. We have some great voices on this site and I want to keep seeing such a diversity in our contributions!

But anyways, is there anything else you’d like to share with the Women of HR?

We have such a smart, vibrant community here, use it for all it’s worth. Take a few minutes and glance through the posts and find one that resonates with you. Let the writer know by leaving a comment at the end of the post. Let us know what’s on your mind. If you are thinking it, chances are others are too.  Thank you for being a part of the Women of HR community!

When I am not HR-ing or here at Women of HR, I am writing over at lisarosendahl.com. Come visit me there, follow me on Twitter as @lisarosendahl or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Lisa thanks so much for your time and all the hard work you do for us here at the Women of HR!


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