Finding Your Dream Job

You studied what you love, right? And you want to find a job doing what you studied. You want to find a job that can utilize your talents and interests; one where you won’t be bored, underutilized or blown off.

But there is just one problem: there are no jobs in your field. Everybody is telling you to find a temporary position; something you can do until you find your elusive perfect job. No. You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be stuck as a peon for the rest of your life. But you don’t want to starve either.

How can you find your perfect job? How can you resist the temptation to just find something, anything that pays? Here’s how:

  • Don’t Settle. Don’t abandon your dreams. There is a perfect job out there for you; you just have to resist the urge to settle for the ‘okay’ job or the job that offers you tons of money. Better to be poor and content then rich and despondent, right? Don’t give in to cynics who predict your demise. Your perfect job will pay enough. You just have to find it.
  • Keep Searching. Don’t give up. After four months, after seven months, heck, after a year, keep looking. You might have to work at the blood bank to make ends meet, but so be it. Better to find the perfect job then get stuck in one you despise but rely on for money. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a profitable job. Just remember to keep aggressively looking for your dream job even when you have stable work.
  • Aim High, Search Low. Always keep your dream job in mind, but apply for ones below it. You’re going to have to work your way up. Don’t get disheartened, sometimes you will apply for the lesser job and get hired for the greater job. Take a gamble and don’t forget that almost everyone is flexible. They may offer a low wage but be willing to double it when they see your degree and enthusiasm. Nothing is set in stone.
  • Discover. Don’t cage yourself. Stretch out and discover things that appear only marginally related to your field. You’ll be amazed at what the job actually entails. If invited, interview even if you are over-qualified or under-qualified – they might offer you another job you never even knew about. Discussing your interests and capabilities  can lead to new opportunities.

Above all, know what you want. If you don’t know what you’re searching for, how are you going to find it? Don’t trap yourself by centering just on what you majored in. You can find a job in something you are good at, something you have a passion for, or something you just by chance know how to do. Don’t pass up opportunities even if they don’t seem to fit with your dream job.  Any experience is good experience and can open the door to your perfect job down the road. You might find out your dream job is something you never imagined.

Don’t give up. Your dream job is out there. Keep looking, broaden your horizons, and find out what you are really looking for. You may run across adventures that you would have never had if you just settled for the first job that paid well.

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