How Busy Female Professionals Can Reduce Stress and Focus on Success

For women with busy schedules, finding ways to focus on physical and mental health can be next to impossible some days. If you’re a professional who has many appointments to keep up with and responsibilities to take care of, you may find yourself at a loss for how to handle stress and anxiety. This can make achieving your goals difficult, especially if you’re unsure of how best to arrange your day to maximize efficiency.

Getting organized is a great start. Keeping a full schedule is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult if your life is in disarray. This includes your professional as well as your personal life. Look for ways to get your home into shape and make your office work for you. It’s also a good idea to separate both facets of your life. No matter how busy you are, try to keep your work at the office rather than bringing it home.

Keep reading for more tips on how to reduce stress when you’re a busy professional.


Appointment reminders

One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is to get (and keep) your schedule on track. It can be difficult to keep up with all your appointments, even if you have a date book or desk calendar. Consider using a service, which not only keeps you organized, but allows you to effectively communicate any last minute changes. If you work in an environment where billable hours are key, appointment reminders are even more critical, as they’ll likely result in fewer no-shows and ensure your time is spent in profitable ways. There are several free and paid services out there to choose from. For instance, Square’s option allows you to send personalized reminders (with a logo included) as emails or texts. Click here to find out more.


Take care of yourself

Reducing stress isn’t always easy, but a good way to start is by taking care of yourself. This means different things to different people, but basically it boils down to finding healthy ways to stay happy and relaxed. It might require carving some time out of your schedule to fit in some daily exercise or just some “you” time spent binge-watching your favorite television show. Whatever it is, it should benefit your mood in some way. Practicing self-care will help you stay calm even on the busiest of days and will allow you to focus on what’s most important.


Learn to say “no”

Many professionals know how difficult it can be to say “no” when there’s a new demand for their time. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to learn how to say “no” when your plate is already full. Whether it’s personal or office related, practice a polite way to turn someone down when they need time you just can’t give.


Sleep well

Not getting enough rest is a popular complaint from busy professionals, and if you also have a family to take care of, it can be even harder to get the sleep your body requires. No one wants to feel bogged down by exhaustion, so make sure you’re getting enough rest each night by creating a bedtime routine that you can maintain.


Separate work and home

Creating boundaries is imperative when you keep a busy schedule, especially if you work from home often. Making sure your home life and work life are completely separate can be difficult, but even making small changes such as setting a goal not to answer emails after a certain time can give you defined boundaries that will reduce stress.


Reducing stress and anxiety is essential for those who want to continue with a successful professional life, and it can help you reach any goals you have much more easily. Create a plan that will help you get to where you want to be, and garner support from friends and family so you’ll feel ready to tackle anything that comes your way.


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