How To Be More Confident at Work

Often times the only difference between success and failure is confidence. It is the most beautiful attribute on a woman, and it’s necessary to be successful in the workplace.

A confident woman portrays strength, determination and persistence, and is not afraid to be herself. While we all know confidence is crucial in order to create a name for yourself in the office, actually obtaining it is another story.

Read these tips to help yourself be more confident at work, command the attention of your co-workers and gain their respect.

Redefine Your Picture of Confidence

Confidence is portrayed through more than just words. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always mean being outgoing or boastful. Often it is just the opposite: meek and humble. When one is confident in their skills and abilities, they do not feel the need to continually convince others. Try instead to focus on being compassionate and eager to learn, yet strong. In doing so, you will portray power. You will show others that you have something to offer the world.

Speak Confidence

When you talk about yourself to others, what do you say? Do you continually criticize yourself or put yourself down? Or do you speak of your greatest achievements? Words are powerful, and whether we like it or not, they actually do have the power to hurt us. The things we tell others about ourselves generally become true sooner or later.

Pay attention to your self-talk. If you catch yourself harboring negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. Remind yourself of your many strengths, talents, and achievements on a daily basis. You've worked hard to get to where you are – you earned it. You deserve the respect of your peers. You’ll find that focusing on constructive thoughts and language regularly will gradually begin to shift your self-perception.

Create an Image

Confidence is not the result of a first-class haircut or an expensive outfit. However, items that increase your feelings of self-worth can provide you with a temporary confidence boost. And when utilized enough days

in a row, the self-image will start to become permanent.

If you feel more powerful in a certain suit, or gain assurance from your favorite pair of heels, take advantage of them. Capitalize on anything that contributes to a more positive, confident you.


Take a moment to study yourself in the mirror. What does your image say about you? Do you look polished and put together? Do your eyes shine back with an intent gaze or are they shifty and downcast? Does it appear that you value your health and take care of your body, or do you seem to have let yourself go?

Even when your lips are sealed, your body is communicating hundreds of messages. Your physical appearance, posture, and mannerisms speak volumes as well. Focus on improving the shortcomings you spot in the mirror. Show others you value your body enough to take proper care of it. Practice good eye contact with yourself, and feel free to practice facial expressions as well. You may feel silly, but when the time comes to speak in front of a group, your muscle memory will spring into action- eliminating stress and anxiety.

Fake It Til You Make It

Keep in mind that no one is confident all of the time. Every single person has moments of weakness and doubt. The key is being able to recognize these moments and pull yourself out of them. When your assurance just isn’t there, fake it until you actually believe it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold your head high, and smile.

Being confident at the office is often crucial to gaining respect, having your ideas heard, and improving your position within the company. Being more confident does take a bit a practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can become second nature.

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About the author: Elli Bishop is a writer for Your Local Security. She was born and raised in Colorado and now enjoys skiing, playing tennis, and hiking in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. Elli speaks from experience when it comes to overcoming shyness.


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