HR Creative Destruction: Meet Angela Hills

Good morning everyone and a special good morning to all of you who made their way out to Atlanta for the 2012 SHRM National Conference. The Women of HR had a great turnout of contributors at the conference this year and if you were there and saw us wandering the halls I hope you stopped us to say hi!

Amongst all the crowds, speakers, and swag giveaways, we managed to obtain for you the third installment of our Women of HR Interview series. So far we've geeked out on HR Technology with Lexy Martin and got wise to Content Marketing with Mary Ellen Slayter.

This week we spoke to, in person no less, Angela Hills, Executive Vice President at Pinstripe, Inc about HR Creative Destruction.

Who is Angela Hills?

As an Executive Vice President of Pinstripe, Inc., Angela leads the firm’s business delivering innovative talent acquisition solutions to clients in the advanced manufacturing, consumer brands, financial services and technology sectors.

Angela's unique expertise in talent acquisition and management provides Pinstripe’s clients leading organizational capabilities and true competitive advantage. Prior to joining Pinstripe, Angela spent 17 years with BlessingWhite, Inc., where she led business development and consulting operations in their central region and at various times served as a senior advisor to their coaching, career development and leadership practices. A frequent and highly regarded speaker on the national and regional circuits, Angela is a seven-time returning speaker at SHRM’s National Conference, where she has delivered presentations on topics including succession planning, change management, on-boarding and innovation.

What is Creative Destruction?

Now, when I first heard about the topic Angela was presenting at t

he conference, I was immediately intrigued. Who doesn't like a little creative destruction? And to have it at an HR conference? That's the sort of subversive chaos I can get behind.

Well, it turns out that it's not the anarchist, fight the power kind of destruction she is talking about – so put down those Molotov cocktails. No, Angela was talking about how every now and then, we need to have something destructive break things down in order to build them back up again.

There is opportunity in that destruction, even when you are in an industry hit the hardest by it. Destruction inspires great innovation. And most importantly, she spoke about how businesses and HR need to address that change and manage strategically through it. It was such an interesting conversation I immediately stopped trying to remember where I put my anarchist cookbook.

What Can HR Do Differently?

In the short time I had to speak with her, we covered a lot of ground:

  • How disruptive HR can – and should be  – a business strategy,
  • How HR is starting to view what they do differently, such as how to approach executives and in seeing the value of outsourcing HR functions to provide time for more strategy, and
  • How more authenticity and transparency in leadership not only provides better opportunities to connect with your employees, but helps create a better culture.

Good stuff right there.

Wrapping it Up

Even though the entire Pinstripe executive team is made up of women, a rarity for sure and something that Angela really liked, she said it wasn't necessarily something they played up. Why? Because they don't want anyone selecting them because of that, they want clients to select them because they are better at what they do than anyone else.

Hell. Yeah.

Thank you Angela for taking the time to speak to me and our readers amongst all the SHRM Conference craziness and any time you want to be a contributor here on Women of HR, we will be happy to have you!


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