Not So Terrible Twos: 2 Years of Women of HR

Today commemorates the 2 year anniversary of Women of HR. 2 years, over 300 posts, 50 some regular and guest contributors. Dudes, can you believe it?

2 years ago, I was lucky enough to kick off the site by encouraging you all to be subversive in our inaugural post. 1 year ago, I told everyone they got puppies and ice cream in celebration of our first anniversary. Hmm, what should we do for our 2nd anniversary then?

Unicorns! You, and you, and you…everybody gets a unicorn! Or not, whateves.

In all seriousness though, thank you

, everyone, for your continued support, contributions and readership. The thought provoking posts, the encouraging comments, and this wonderful community.

We do this for you. Because we've got your back.

Huge love and hugs to our Editor-in-Chief Lisa Rosendal, and my lovely fellow co-founders Trish McFarlane, Sarah White, Charee Klimek, and Jennifer Payne. There are no words to express how grateful I am to share in this great project we started one fun night in Chicago.

I know that this next year is going to be just as amazing and exciting as the last two. I hope you will all be there to experience it with us.


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Shauna Moerke

Shauna is an HR professional with a diverse work history, a Master's degree, and a PHR certification. She is also a huge geek, social media advocate, and infectious giggler. Besides being a co-founder of the Women of HR she also serves as the current Ringmistress of the Carnival of HR, is the former co-host of the HR Happy Hour blogtalk radio show, and blogs at her own site as the HR Minion.


Andrea Ballard

Yay! Thanks to Lisa for your amazing scheduling and editing and thanks to all the founders for getting this off the ground.

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