Passion Is Overrated

I used to think I needed to find passion in work.

There are things I feel passionate about – such as creating a work environment where employees feel like they can bring their full selves to work and be engaged to do their best work. But as far as feeling passionate every single day?

Nein. I don’t come to work every day because I feel passionate about my work; rather I come to work every day because I have bills to pay and prefer to have a roof over my head. I am part of Gen Y which I suppose by association makes me lazy and want things handed to me on a silver spoon. I don’t really operate that way, but that is the stereotype.

Me? I need passion in my work. I work much harder and more diligently towards the things I feel passionate about. Does this mean I don’t do the things I feel “eh” about? No, I’d get fired. Here’s my realization. Take it for what it is worth:

  • I will not love every job I have during my career
  • I will not love every aspect of every job I have during my career
  • Ultimately, we work to pay bills

If the goal in life was to feel a sense of passion for what we are doing, money would not be an issue and we’d all be out working towards causes we ARE passionate about. Or, doing the things we always said we wanted to do, but never wanted to take a chance to do and I am including myself in this statement.

Really, if we all just LOVED what we did, we wouldn’t be talking about work/life balance all the time. It would just be a part of life. Okay, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but you understand where I am going there. I enjoy my job but saying I feel passionate about being a human punching bag most days is kind of a stretch.

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Cindy Janovitz

Cindy Janovitz works for a great Fortune 500 company in Minnesota. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications and Spanish from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Cindy has a passion for working with and helping people and a love for organizational culture. Three words Cindy uses to describe herself are energetic, passionate, and driven. You can connect with Cindy on Twitter as @cindyelizabeth



One reality is that some of the things that we are truly passionate about do not pay well. That’s why many creative artists also engage in what they call “day jobs.” It’s as if the money from that line of work can then fuel their passion.


THANK YOU!!! It was delightful to finally read an article that wasn’t about “9 steps to find your Career Passion” or something to that effect.

Andrea Ballard

I don’t think passion is something you need to feel every day or in every task. You can be passionate about the people you serve or the product you are bringing to market without loving every aspect of it. If I wake up in the morning excited about work, that’s passion for me!

So I am curious, what is the thing you said you wanted to do, but never wanted to take a chance to do, that you are talking about in your post?


Umm…. typo

“Ultimately, we work to pay pills” – I think you mean bills.

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Krista Francis

I do feel like I need to love my job and feel passionate that what I do has meaning and makes a difference. But I sure do not love every aspect of my job. Such as safety committee!


I think lately I’ve felt more frustration than love, which is probably the outcome of this blog post! I agree there has to be a level of some love/passion but it won’t always be there for every single job I have during my career.

PS – how can you not LOVE safety committee? 🙂


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