Personality Traits Of A Successful Woman Leader

In a the male dominated world in which we live, it becomes increasingly important that strong women leaders take charge and make themselves known. They should use their strong personality traits to be a role model to other women and young girls. What, you ask, are the personality traits that tend to make a woman a good leader? Take a look at these personality traits and see if you, or someone you know possesses these traits. If you or someone else does possess these traits, encourage that person or challenge yourself to become an outward role model for other females.

A strong woman leader is confident in the person that she is and the decisions that she makes. So many women and girls today are insecure and unsure of themselves. They need a female leader who can show them how to be comfortable in their own skin. They need to find themselves and be confident that the person they are is good enough. As a woman leader, you should outwardly display your confidence to other women, and encourage them to learn how to “own it”, rather than be intimidated by confidence in other women.

Female leaders are people who make a difference in the world, and to do this, they need to be intelligent. This is important because women leaders need to be taken seriously, and this will be a struggle if their intelligence is questioned. To develop intelligence, the first step is schooling. Encourage young women to stay in school and learn all that they can. The second part of intelligence is awareness. Be aware, and well-versed in the world that is going on around you. This will allow you to more adequately assess a situation and intelligently decide what you should do about it. Being intelligent and prepared in every situation will inspire women, young and old, and will draw positive attention to women as a gender.

Interpersonal Skills
An attribute of any leader, not just a woman, is the ability to talk to others and convey a message. This does not necessarily mean, however, that a leader has to be outgoing. Outgoing leaders can lead by preaching their cause and talking to people about the important things that they have to say. This can often be very effective because you are spelling things out for people. A woman can also, however, be a quiet leader. Quiet leaders lead by example, and this leadership tactic can be equally as effective. Leading by example is simple: practice what you preach and if people believe in what you are doing, they will model their actions after yours.

Pam Johnson is an HR professional in the furniture industry, as well as an adjunct professor for her local community college .  She is constantly seeking out people with leadership qualities to fulfill management positions.   She obtained her MBA in Human Resources Degree.

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I thought you have to be bitch. That was the only requirement. It does not matter what you know.
A lot of women in HR are just very bitchy with no clue about business

Naila Hameed

yes Pam you are right but i think one thing that is quite important is “High Tolerance to change and diversity”.
self confidence sometime impede acceptance of others views and thought while in current scenario of management a good leader must b patient to listen plus encourage subordinates to actively participate.
A good leader must b consistent and Should be able to tolerate ambiguity which quality is not often found in women. But if one’s possess this she is sure to become successful leader

Kimberly Patterson

Great read Pam! To piggyback Dorothy’s statement above, I do believe there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Women do have to do this differently or they will be viewed as a bitch. I’m not convinced that everyone — whether male or female — can pull it off effectively.

Bordering interpersonal skills also means that leaders need to have strong relationship-building skills so that they’re savvy enough to navigate the office and corporate politics.

Dorothy Douglass

It is interesting though, that in some smaller communities, male-dominated organizations view confident women as arrogant, or that infamous ‘b’ word. When a man is passionate & assertive about something, he is seen as strong and ‘falling on his sword’ for something, when a woman carries or shares that passion & assertiveness, she may be seen as “hard to work with” or “stubborn. Credibility can be a delicate catwalk. Strong women need to continue to find ways to manage up & through this, and enhance their credibility in the workplace!


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