Raise Your Glass: 1 Year of Women of HR

Today is a special day. No, it’s not snuggle a puppy day or everybody gets ice cream day, though I would highly recommend both those things. Especially if you snuggle a puppy while getting ice cream. Just don’t give the puppy the ice cream. Hmm, I seem to have gone off on a tangent here. Where was I? Oh yes, today is a special day! Why?

Today the Women of HR Site celebrates it’s 1 year blogging anniversary!! Yay!! Not bad for an idea formed over laughter and pomegranate martinis during a GNO weekend in Chicago. We’ve come a long way baby.

Way back when this whole thing started, I asked you all to be subversive and I hope in its own way, the Women of HR site has helped encourage that. If any profession needs a little more subversion, it’s HR.

Over time the sites posts have evolved, our community has grown, and I’m proud of all that we have accomplished. What’s more, I’m so happy and grateful to be a part of something so positive and fulfilling. And I’m so excited to see how we will grow over the next year.

Huge love and hugs to our Editor-in-Chief Lisa Rosendal for all the hours and hard work she has put into the site, Trish McFarlane for taking on yet another social media project when she was already swamped with obligations, and the whole GNO crew & fellow co-founders for being the inspiration and support for the site: Sarah White, Charee Klimek, Jennifer Payne. Big thanks as well to Lance Haun for all his web site design and support work, Bryon Abramowitz for being our member in denial (every community needs at least one), and Lyn Hoyt for all the amazing Women of HR buttons she designed and provided.

But most importantly, thank you to all our wonderful and amazing contributors for all the heartfelt and thought-provoking content that you are gracious enough to share with us. Thank you for spreading the word, helping build our community, and living up to the site’s moto of “We’ve got your back”.

Last, but certainly not least, lots of love goes to you, our readers and community members. We started this site for you and we hope you stick around and see what else we have in store. So raise your puppy ice cream glass and let’s toast to you, the Women of HR! Cheers!

About the Author

Shauna Moerke

Shauna is an HR professional with a diverse work history, a Master's degree, and a PHR certification. She is also a huge geek, social media advocate, and infectious giggler. Besides being a co-founder of the Women of HR she also serves as the current Ringmistress of the Carnival of HR, is the former co-host of the HR Happy Hour blogtalk radio show, and blogs at her own site as the HR Minion.


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[…] HR Party Time June 6, 2011 tags: hr, social media by robinschooling Join me in celebrating with a great group of women (and men) who have made Women of HR a roaring success for 1 year now.  As is often the case, I’m a tad late to the actual celebration (the anniversary was June 1st) but you can read all about it here. […]


Three hearty Cheers for the Women of HR site!!!

Congratulations to all the extraordinary ladies & gents who freely share their thoughts and insights on this forum.
Can’t wait to see what the new year brings…

Lisa Rosendahl

Here’s to you, to us, to a year full of wonderful writing, connecting and ideas

Diane, an IRL reunion is part of Shauna’s master plan. Jennifer, Robin, Bonni and Lois – we could not have done this without you and our supportive, inspiring and bar-raising writers and friends.

Here’s to year 2!

Shauna Moerke

Diane – I could really go for a reunion as well, I could use the laughter and drinks!

Jennifer – Thanks to you as well for your contributions!

Robin – Cheers to that!

Lois – Lisa is all kinds of awesome. 🙂

Bonnie – Yay for puppy snuggles!


Happy Anniversary!

I will definitely snuggle a puppy today in recognition of the date, but I will avoid doing it with ice cream in hand. Something about furry ice cream isn’t appealing.



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