{Random Encounters} Fate, Preparation or Luck?

I read through the posts on random encounters and was reminded of two random encounters I have had in my life – one which I had prepared for and one which I had not – but both of which changed my life for the better.

When I was in my twenties, and broke up with my college boyfriend, I wrote a list of the things I wanted in a man. Tall, funny, family minded and a great kisser were among my top ten. Shortly after writing my list, I met my future husband randomly. In meeting and talking with him, I quickly realized that he had many of the things on my list (tall and funny for two) and looking back, I think I used my HR skills to “interview” him on some of my other “must haves” like being family minded and political views. My preparation helped me realize the potential in a random encounter and we recently celebrated thirty years of marriage.

The second random encounter I did not prepare for but it was a situation that I took full advantage of. I had been working in HR for a Fortune 500 company in Kentucky and my husband was transferred to New Jersey. I decided to take some time off and do some volunteer work while I tried to figure out what I would do next. I found a nonprofit organization that I wanted to learn more about, sent them a letter along with my resume, and offered to do volunteer work in whatever capacity they needed.

I received a call from the Founder who asked me to come in and talk with her. I went to the meeting and after many questions about my background, skills, and how I would handle certain situations at the organization, she asked me about salary. Only then, did I realize that this was a job interview.

I explained that I had sent a letter offering to volunteer, she pulled out my letter and reread it in amazement, and then handed me a job description for an Interim Director. Long story short, I quickly changed gears and got the job. This was a life-changing experience at which I become good friends with three incredible women and which was the exact right stopping place for me to be in before starting my own business.

Random encounter or fate? Opportunity meets preparation or luck? What do you think?

About the author: Judy Lindenberger is the President of The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning human resources consulting firm, located near Princeton, NJ. They are experts in career coaching, customized training workshops, online training programs, mentoring, 360-degree assessment and feedback, HR audits, employee handbooks, and more. Learn more about them at www.lindenbergergroup.com.

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About the Author

Judith Lindenberger

Judith Lindenberger is President of The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning HR consulting agency. She has over 30 years of experience helping clients create effective human resource management strategies to drive success for their organization and their employees. Lindenberger Group’s seasoned team of consultants offer expert guidance on all aspects of HR from recruitment and staffing to training and development to payroll and compliance. For more information, email info@lindenbergergroup.com



I think opportunity meets preparation….yes definately that!
Congrats on your 30th anniversary of meeting your husband – April the 11th!


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