Social Media & Marketing: Meet Laurie Ruettimann

Good morning Women of HR readers! We have an uber special interview for you today. In fact, I'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for this interview for a while. So if you are as excited as I am, I should get right to it then!

This morning we will be speaking to one of my favorite people: Laurie Ruettimann!

With over a decade of Human Resources experience in Fortune 500 organizations, Laurie Ruettimann is an influential speaker, writer and social media expert who now works with The Starr Conspiracy.

Hiya Laurie! Let’s start off with a little about what you do. I am the Director of Social Media at The Starr Conspiracy, a marketing and advertising firm in Texas.  I am also a writer, speaker and consultant.

You forgot to mention loving mom to a handsome ginger kitty named Scrubby!

So how did you get to where you are now? I used to work in Human Resources. I parlayed that expertise into a portfolio career, which is really just a bunch of part-time jobs that pay the mortgage.

Hey, sounds good to me. Whatever keeps Scrubby in the life he has grown accustomed too.

Can you complete the following thoughts for me?

My best advice… is to stop asking for advice. Y

ou won’t listen, anyway.

I encourage… people to get moving. Every day is one day closer to death.

People… like to talk about themselves. Shut up and let them.

One of the best ideas… is sliced bread. Nothing beats it.

HR… is where I learned how to use a fax machine.

Every HR professional… is a skank ho. Most people have secrets, even your HR lady.

I lose it… when people discriminate against the unemployed. There but for the grace of God go you, jerk.

Awesome answers! So while I'm busy trying to figure out other HR ladies secrets, while covering up my own, is there anything else you’d like to share with the Women of HR?

Working in Human Resources made me realize that I’m a big fan of dichotomies, mass categorization and black and white constructs. I like things simple and straightforward. This is why it’s good that I no longer work in Human Resources. Life is much more complex than an either/or scenario. HR requires flexible people with strong critical thinking skills. That’s not me. That probably isn’t you, either.

Not that I need to tell you this, but you can find Laurie at her blog, The Cynical Girl!

Laurie, lots of hugs and thanks for your time!


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