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3 Tips To Help You Keep That Promotion

There are a lot of guides and books that will provide information on how to get a promotion. The problem with these books is that they assume the journey ends after being promoted. Once somebody has been promoted they are going to be under even more pressure than before because their superiors are going to be checking that they can cope in their new surroundings.

Knowing how to get promoted is one thing, but knowing how to keep that promotion is another one all together. Here are three core tips to help you keep that promotion and flourish.

Where Your Reputation Preceeds You

Women, whether we are employed or in the application process, our personal lives tend to matter more than the personal lives of male employees. And, since our online reputation is often an extension (or at least a reflection) of our personal lives, we need to be far more cautious about it than the average man.

So my advice for workers: manage your reputation carefully. Don’t let your Facebook profile be viewed by non-friends and err on the side of disclosing less information online, not more. Conduct a Google search of yourself and try to assess the data out there when applying for any job.

Let’s Get Engaged, Ya’ll

Engagement drives higher-producing teams which then means our organizations will also reap the benefits.