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Are You Interested Beyond Your Own Wants and Needs?

Think about a typical day and how much time you spend “telling” compared with “asking.” If you spend the majority of your time telling, consider what you might be missing out on. This is as relevant for the workplace as it is for your home life. Ask questions, be interested. Life is much more meaningful that way.

Who Are You…Essentially?

very woman who has ever yearned to be someplace else, but dutifully shows up where she is asked, or any woman who sits in a boring meeting, nodding with consent while secretly visualizing her hidden talents being applauded by thousands, knows the struggle only too well between the social self and the essential self.

Real Success Requires Honesty

I believe real success comes to those who are able to see their shortcomings and their strengths and play to both of these accordingly. It requires an unparalleled level of honesty but the reward is a life that’s far more satisfying and truer to oneself.I am reminded of the many beautiful aspects of womanhood, of the very elements that make us who we are.

Passion Is Overrated

I used to think I needed to find passion in work. But as far as feeling passionate every single day? Nein. I don’t come to work every day because I feel passionate about my work; rather I come to work every day because I have bills to pay and prefer to have a roof over my head.

What Kind of Role Model Are You?

Every woman in our lives is a role model in their own way. We can’t help but be influenced by them and learn from them. What kind of a role model are you?

If Not For Yourself

Sometimes it feels like advocating for yourself is selfish when in fact it’s only natural – and necessary.