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A Cup of Ice

We can’t keep expecting change to magically happen because we’ve come up with the next great “best practice.” Model behavior. It’s that simple.

For the Working Mom Who Has Everything

Although I once wrote a post denying the existence of the glass ceiling, it occurred to me recently that men have one big career advantage women don’t have.

Remember. Coping with Grief

The 9/11 anniversary is a reminder for each of us to think about what grief is and how we help others deal with it.

Let Me Light Your Candle

If there is anything I have learned in life, it is that we are always fighting against each other to be number one.

A Blog by Any Other Name

You think HR is tough? Try naming a blog.The power of a network helped me to name mine.

Workplace Pregnancy

Is your company doing anything to help employees manage their workplace pregnancy?

Life Out Of Balance

In work/life balance, the balance can tip over any time with the life challenges we face every day. It’s an ongoing challenge and it’s in every part of our lives.

Enough Of The Good Ole Boys Already

Enough about the “good ole boys.” Women, network, communicate, be clear about your goals and create some comfort zones of your own.