Thank an HR Professional Today

Appreciate your top talent or someone will steal them out from under you. It’s real, I wrote about it and it’s called the Bob Effect.  

High performers are high performers even when they are disengaged. It’s their nature. But this doesn’t mean they’re crazy working machines.

High performers are needy. I’m going to be the first to admit that I’m needy.

And what I need is a hug thank you.

When was the last time you thanked, sincerely thanked, a member of your HR team for something specific?  HR can be  a thankless job but we shouldn’t be thankless with each other.  We know the trials and tribulations that we deal with. We know the stress that comes with layoffs, helping managers deliver bad performance reviews, conducting open enrollments, and orchestrating recruiting ramp-ups.

As a team, HR pros can be working together to make these events easier. We can provide assistance and coaching to each other, to those less comfortable delivering bad news or those that just can’t wrap their heads around the requisition report.

If you can’t depend on your HR team for assistance, who can you depend on?

Thank an HR professional today.

Start with your own team. Take a few minutes to call a team member and thank them for working on a project with you or for just being a good HR pro.  You never know when a simple thank you or showing of appreciation is going to make the difference in your top talent deciding to leave or stay.

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April Dowling

April Dowling, SPHR, is an HR Professional in Birmingham, Alabama where she works as an HR Generalist in the Insurance/Health care industry. She’s currently having a torrid love affair with technology and how to leverage it to make her professional and personal life better. April writes her own blog over at PsuedoHR and you can connect with her on Twitter as @adowling.


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