The Brutal World of Organization

Why does work feel so stressful all the time?

I feel like every single time I have lunch with a co-worker or friend from work (or friends at other companies), there’s always this exasperated *sigh* when we sit down.

Then there’s this awkward laugh before asking, “So, how’s work?” Then there’s a good 10-20 minutes of talking about all the craziness of work.

“I’m over worked.” “They’ve given me more responsibility. I’m drowning.”

The list goes on and personally, I always find myself trying to figure out how to keep myself organized between employee relations issues, performance management, driver safety, disability, employee separations, culture & inclusion strategy and implementation. Of course there’s always the “and other job duties as assigned.” There was a point when I would keep myself up at night trying to figure out how I’d get everything done. In fact, it’s Tuesday night and I still haven’t finished my Monday to-do list.

I swear I’ve spent the last four, almost five, years trying to figure out how to keep myself organized. It’s a crazy, moving world we live in where things are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep and stay on top of things. I found the perfect notebook where I keep my to-do lists. It has a calendar on the bottom of each page AND there’s even a fancy spot for “hot items.”

No matter the job we work in – HR or not, we all have to stay organized. And dorkily (yes, I know that is not a word) enough I am really curious what you all do to stay organized.

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Cindy Janovitz

Cindy Janovitz works for a great Fortune 500 company in Minnesota. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications and Spanish from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Cindy has a passion for working with and helping people and a love for organizational culture. Three words Cindy uses to describe herself are energetic, passionate, and driven. You can connect with Cindy on Twitter as @cindyelizabeth


Janyce Morganfield

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Cyndy Davis

I don’t know the answer. When you find it, please share. I’ve tried everything from planners to Outlook to lists to labels to spreadsheets but nothing seems to “stick.”

Nisha Raghavan

Hey Cindy,
Your article reminded me the fun time that I had with my colleagues during our lunch time. Good to read and I liked the beginning…Well, apart from the to do list, I always prefer to save the important tasks in my outlook calender that way I will have a reminder popup on my screen too.


I buy a new planner every year and just write down every week my tasks to complete, I spread out the tasks throughout the week to meet deadlines. I leave an extra day to take care of any overflow or work on “non-deadline projects” – so that drawer that needs to be cleaned out? Yeah that’s a “non-deadline project”. It has worked year in and year out for me. I will be honest, those days I don’t pull out the planner, my dog gets sick, I get sick, etc. I feel just as disorganized as the next person and I freak out, just long enough before I just simply write down everything I have to do. No matter how inconsequential (this includes – “delete old e-mails you don’t need or archive em outta ya inbox alread!” type things – which I do write like that…Plus, make that check mark, star (and every now & then a TA-DA) really motivates me.


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