The Carnival of HR Has Come to Town!

Do you hear that? It’s laughter and music floating on the wind beckoning you to come closer. And that delicious smell? Why yes, it’s funnel cake, cotton candy, and corn dogs tempting your stomach. That’s right, the Carnival of HR has come to the Women of HR and its Ringmistress herself is here to welcome you! So come one, come all and partake of all that the latest Carnival has to offer!

Now as I was going through all the wonderful posts I realized that they fell into one of 3 categories:

Helpful Advice

Benjamin McCall warns you away from focusing too much in just one area in his post on The Danger of Over Personalization.

Karen Betts, who is about to be a new mom (congrats!), talks about The Crossroad of Every Working Parent.

Wally Bock suggests you Use Solitude to Make Yourself a Better Leader.

Susan Heathfield wants you to be prepared when she asks if you Need an Exit Strategy?

Dwane Lay encourages you to Fly your Flag. Fly it high and fly it proud!

Lyn Dessert wants you to know the secret, as in …Career Tip: The Secret to Successful Job On-Boarding

Steve Roesler asks Is Everyone Coachable? Maybe, maybe not, but there are ways to succeed…

Steve Browne offers up his guest post over at the IncBlot Blog Succession Planning: It’s Not KickBall. But what if you WANT to play kickball?

Mary Jo Asmus suggests you want others to want you, well, want to help you, in her post Help Others to Make You Look Great

Submitted by Patrick Bradshaw, Carol Morrison talks about The Ironies of High Performance

Anne Freedman suggests that maybe more autonomy is needed, not more money in her post on Challenging Assumptions.

Useful Information

Naomi Bloom, the Queen of technology herself, lays it all out for you in her post on HRM Software/Services Q1 Vendor Briefings — What Impresses Me?

Mervyn Dinnen asks Is Technology Driving Us to Distraction… Huh, what? I was just playing on my phone here and think I missed something…

Laura Schroeder tells us all about The New Black of Benefits, which is like totally better than the orange of benefits.

Bryon Abramowitz warns us about The Perfect Talent Storm. It’s coming people, and no, it doesn’t have George Clooney in it.

Eric Meyer Talks about… Umm… “Accomodations” at work… yeah…

Michael Haberman talks about, wait what? Human Resources Creativity and Innovation. We can be creative?

Ian Welsh wants to know, The Pursuit of Happiness – How Attainable Should It Be?. I say very attainable, I like happiness.

Cathy Missildine-Martin calls you to the starting line to Ready Set Measure, now go!

And Entertaining Rants

The always fun Mark Stelzner regales us with his business travel woes in his 7 Ways You’re Ruining My Business Travel.

Lois Melbourne wonders what happened to helpful measurements in her Beware and Be Prepared post.

Jennifer V. Miller chides you to stop acting like a victim because Professionals Don’t Offer Excuses.

Cindy Janovitz goes all Jane Brady on us in her What is Leadership?.

Whew! That was a lot of awesomeness to take in. But be careful not to slip into a sugar induced food coma on your way home… Oh, all that tempting funnel cake…

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Shauna Moerke

Shauna is an HR professional with a diverse work history, a Master's degree, and a PHR certification. She is also a huge geek, social media advocate, and infectious giggler. Besides being a co-founder of the Women of HR she also serves as the current Ringmistress of the Carnival of HR, is the former co-host of the HR Happy Hour blogtalk radio show, and blogs at her own site as the HR Minion.


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