Time Waits For No One

Time and lifetimes. Both are fleeting.

November 3 was not only my son's 15th birthday, it was also the day that my 27 year old nephew entered hospice.  

Time and lifetimes. Both fly by too quickly. 

And while they do, far too many of us are biding our time doing work that we do not love. One thing is very clear to me – the time to live our great lives and for doing our great work is now. Here are 3 critical steps, or keys, to getting started.

Get Clear About Your Purpose

We do not have it in us to love work that does not feel purposeful. I coach purpose not as a destination but as a neighborhood. Great things happen when you are in the neighborhood of your purpose.  These great things are not always visible to you until you move into that space or place of how you may best serve.  Doing what it takes to gain this clarity about your neighborhood is one of the 3 keys.

Get Clear About All of Your Gifts

We all have been given many certain and diverse gifts. These gifts include strengths, talents, experiences and accomplishments as well as all that has come to us through struggle, pain, passion and more. Everything that comes to us does not come to serve us but rather so that we may be in service to others. Getting clear about all of your gifts is the pre-requisite to being able to fully stand in them to build a life and work that you love.

Get Clear About Your Boundaries

To have the work you love, you must get clear about how it serves the bigger picture of living the life that you love. Then, get clear about the boundaries that you need in place to have it be so. Boundaries are the lines you will not cross no matter what or only in the case of a real emergency. A boundary for me is that my work schedule fits my son's schedule.  Being here for and with him is the very reason I left corporate to launch my own business.

Are you living your great life doing your great work?  Life and lifetimes are too short and too fleeting not to be.

Time waits for no one. What are you waiting for?


About the Author

Ann Farrell

Ann Farrell, Corporate Success Coach, retired from corporate in 2006 to launch, Quantum Endeavors. She is distinguished as the only woman in her Fortune 100 Company’s 150-year history to rise from entry level to the top of the house. Her trademarked coaching programs are used by 35 corporate coaching firms. You can connect with Ann on Twitter as @AnnFarrell and on LinkedIn.


Ann Farrell

Emily and Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your comments! And yes, staying aware as we continue to grow and evolve is also key so that we continue to step up and into our ever increasing capacity!

May 2011 bring peace to our hearts and into our world!


Jennifer Payne

I love the idea of purpose being a neighborhood, not a destination. Seems so much more achieveable, with more variations and possibilities that way. Great post!


Great post – knowing yourself is the most important thing in this life. The better you know yourself, the better you can help others and do the work you are interested in doing! You can’t use your talents if you don’t know what they are.

That being said, I think that knowing yourself and getting clear about everything is a lifetime effort! Thanks for the reminder~

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