What’s Behind a Community?

I love the new Women of HR blog theme. <Well, it’s not so new anymore.> The theme colors are amazing and so very vibrant. Muchos gracias to Lisa Rosendahl and the team who made it happen!

One thing I find most irresistible about the Women of HR welcome page is the motto,

”We’ve got your back.”

Support, reassurance and encouragement all rolled up in one.

It seems to say, “You go right ahead and whatever happens, be it a hit or a flop, we’ll be there for you. And even when you miss your contribution schedule as you are bound to do, you will not be booted off the mailing list. Whether you are in full writing bloom or in the miry grip of a major funk – we’ve still got your back”

It’s always a pleasure to visit the Women of HR site and read the contributions from the many talented writers. Time and again, after a refreshing visit, I exit cyberspace and am face-to-face with my real life connections. In this real space called everyday life, it’s tempting to ask, who’s got my back? And more importantly whose back have I got?

It’s often said that relationships and connections matter a great deal. You need people in your life to reach your full potential and to be the best you that you can be. To succeed in life, career or anything worthwhile, you will require the support of others.

It’s all about community spirit. It’s all about forging connections, creating bonds, and nurturing relationships that will last and be mutually benefiting to all involved. In today’s world, I believe it’s called creating social capital. You will only get as good as you give. Check out this post from Becky Robinson about the amazing benefits of having a partner in business and life in general.

Forget the era of “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” It has passed away like a fleeting fashion trend. Today, it pays to be nice. Really. And seeing as you do not possess eyes at the back of your head, wouldn’t it be nice to have a friendly pair watching your back?

Good friends, whether they be online or offline, will offer assistance, make excuses for you when you fall, encourage you when you are down in the dumps and in challenging times – they will have your back.

Community never sounded better.

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